Who Controls Your Life – You Do – David Icke 

Truth To Power

A Brilliant Explanation Of How An MKUltra Mind Control Program Is Programming Populations To Believe In A Virus That Has Never Been Proven To Exist! So Called Viruses Are Actually Exosomes That Remove Dead Cell Debris From The Body!

LINK TO VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@HumanitysVault:a/Who-Controls-Your-Life—You-Do—David-Icke:c?r=B9jHAocddiud1GyAUzVFB2P22kUkAgU2

This is a message to all of humanity. Our world is under attack from an evil that is unimaginable. We have been manipulated into turning against each other because of the Covid Hoax. The lies and propaganda that humanity has been subjected to from our captured governments via the media who are under the control of the Shadow Government who are being controlled by an unseen inhuman force that has been manipulating all of humanity for over six thousand years. This unseen force, The Draco Reptilian, has successfully manipulated our governments into creating a hoax pandemic to cripple our world with lockdowns and false tests so that…

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