The Real 5G Agenda and How Covid-19 Is Helping to Achieve It.

The Real 5G Agenda and How Covid-19 Is Helping to Achieve It.
Tap News / Weaver

There has always been a lingering question as to why 5G is being hyped up as the panacea for all things with communications and especially the Internet of Things. In October 2020 Claire Edwards issued a statement to the people of the world warning that wireless technologies supress the immune system, of the many purposes of 5G technology, how 5G is implicated in Covid-19 and that Covid-19 is genocide.

To give some background information we use some points Edwards discussed ten months prior in an interview with Greenplanet FM: ‘Claire Edwards: What Is The Real 5G Agenda And Why The Frantic Hurry To Deploy It?’

Edwards, an editor on drugs, crime and anti-terrorism, had worked at the United Nations (“UN”), Austria, for 18 years. She especially worked on documents regarding space and worked on…

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