Greek City Blocks 5G Pilot Program Due To Risk Of Infertility

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Greek City Blocks 5G Pilot Program Due To Risk Of Infertility

February 13, 2021

The Kalamata City Council in Greece has decided to block further development and operation of the 5G network program due toconcerns that it may cause infertilityin the local population.

The council held a meeting and considered the radiation of the mobile network upgrade to be dangerous and most councilors voted in favor of halting testing, adding that the network should only operate in Kalamata when corresponding networks were in place in the rest of Greece.

Greek City Blocks 5g Pilot Program Due To Risk Of Infertility Kalamata

The proposal to terminate the contract by the end of the year was voted in by 16 members,reportedthe Greek City Times.

The decision calls for the termination of cooperation with Wind network “until such technology passes from the experimental stage to the full implementation stage,” announced the Council.

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