Bioweaponized COVID Vaccines

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, February 05, 2021

Throughout the post-WW II period, both right wings of the US war party used and continue to use chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons on invented enemies.

Earlier, biological warfare was waged on Native Americans by use of smallpox infected blankets.

Throughout US history, dirty wars at home and abroad included use of banned weapons.

Mass-vaxxing for seasonal flu-renamed covid is a form of biowarfare on human health. Today it’s being waged worldwide.

An all-out US/Western state-sponsored/Big Media proliferated mass deception campaign is all about convincing ordinary people to volunteer as guinea pigs for the largest ever human experiment that risks enormous harm to the health and well-being of everyone going along with the scam.

Vaccines don’t protect, as falsely claimed.

They’re an enormous cash cow for Big Pharma, why they’re promoted and pushed by Big Government.

Covid vaccines are the…

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