Fighting Monarch

Through microwave harassment, I am forced to engage in endless conversations with deranged imbeciles.

The perverts and losers, white trash, that NSA employs, want to make their betters feel bad, as they seek to destroy us.

They constantly taunt us with the rape, abuse, and destruction of our loved ones, all that is dear and holy, while they lie.

In my case, they harp continually on my daughter’s abuse and her estrangement from me.

I have given up more than half a million dollars for my daughter–and millions more in lost opportunities.

But now my daughter won’t speak to me because I remember our abuse and I maintain this site.

So the scum hired by the fusion center constantly ask if I have regrets.

I have none–except that I let my daughter watch too much television when she wasn’t engaged in aikido, jiu jitsu, ice skating…

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