Former FEMA Operative Celeste Solum Talks With David Icke: ‚The Covid Tests Are Magnetically Tagging You And The Vaccine Is Designed For Mass Depopulation And The Synthetic Transformation Of The Human Body‘

Truth To Power

If You Have Taken The PCR Test You Have Been Tagged And Bar Coded!They, The Military Industrial Complex Have Set In Motion And Are Deploying A Plan To Genetically Change All Life On Earth!No Longer Will Any Life Form Be Pure! The Globalist Cabal Is Setting Up A Life Extinction Event!When You Consent To A Vaccine You Are Consenting To Your Own Execution.The Scale of Psychopathic Evil That Is Being Deployed Against Humanity Is Beyond Belief!

Link To Banned Video:

I Truly Wish I Had Never Been Told About This Evil. What Makes It Worse Is That So Many Are Still Totally Brainwashed By Governments And Mainstream Media. Its Worth Noting That All Governments Have Signed On To This.There is No Left And Right, Opposition Parties, Just The Globalist Cabal Agenda Being Played Out!

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