Dark Winter And Black Sky – A Bio-Terrorism Exercise – Prepare Now!

Truth To Power

It Gives Me No Pleasure To Post This Article, But Its Real And Its Happening NOW. So If There Is Someone You Love Or Care About, Don’t Do What Most People Do, Ignore It, Take A Seat And Listen To This Amazing Caring Woman Deborah Tavares Who Has Spent Most Of Her Life Exposing These Evil Bastards.

AllGovernment Agencies Are Private For Profit Corporations.We Are Being Managed As Cattle, For Profit And Are Being Dissolved In The Process. Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, And America And All Other Western Countries Are Also Private For Profit Corporations. (See Where Is The Proof The Virus Exists?) https://wp.me/p19seq-8zO

The Most Shocking Documented Evidence Is That The American Congress Passed A Bill To Cull The American Population And Use Neurotoxic Agents In Experiments On The Entire American Population. Its All A Part Of Agenda 21. And There Is Evidence That The…

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